Now no need to enter ssid name and password inside the code, ESP8266 Smart Config

The title is big, but the procedure is really very small.

Everyone who have used this tiny little yet power WiFi chip from espressif called ESP8266 must have entered the ssid name and password of the router or mobile hotspot inside the code itself as to give our esp an access to internet, right? Now the only problem of entering the wifi credentials inside the code is that, whenever we want to update the password of our router, we need to take out our esp from the project, update the WiFi credentials in the code and reprogram the ESP board and then you are ready to go with your project. A hectic and long process isn’t it?

ESP8266 Smart Config

A solution of this problem is ESP8266 Smart Config. It’s and android application with the help of which we can update the ssid name and password inside esp8266 without even touching the esp8266 wifi chip. A must needed application for your permanent esp8266 related projects.


Now a question arises that how does it works?

First of all, we need to upload a program containing smart config scanning inside our esp chip. After Uploading that code, now esp8266 will wait for some packets which includes ssid name and password of our wifi router.

Now on the android phone, we need to first download one app called, ESP8266 Smart Config. Now first connect that smart phone to that particular wifi router whose credentials you want to enter in your esp chip. Now just enter the ssid name and password inside that android app and click the confirm button. Within few seconds, our esp will automatically gets connected to that particular wifi router.

I have made one full tutorial video on how to do this and I have also shown the demo of this process by making one project called Sonoff which has this smart config feature. So watch that video and comment below how you find this process.