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All In One Home Automation Project 4Lights And 1Fan(without IR Sensor & Remote) (Recommended for Home Assistant)

In this project you can control 4 AC appliances and Speed of 1 ceiling fan using Home Assistant dashboard and manual switches, fan regulator. This Same project will also work with other IoT Platforms like, Blynk, Arduino IoT Cloud, Firebase Realtime database, AWS etc. For controlling the speed of the fan we have used capacitive dimming method. And also you can get real time feedback of Switches, Fan regulator & IR Remote on your IoT Platform.


2,965.25 (Exc. GST)


This is our All in One Home Automation project version2 , that will help you to control upto 4 AC Appliances and also speed of 1 AC Fan with Capacitive fan dimming method using Home Assistant dashboard and Manual Switches.This project will come with all the components already soldered on the PCB along with ESP32 which you need to program it as per your choice of IOT Platform.

This Home Automation Project Includes:-

  • ESP32                                           1pc
  • Hi-Link HLK 5m05                   1pc
  • DHT11 Module                           1pc
  • Screw terminal connector        5pcs
  • 5v Relay                                        7pcs
  • Diode 1N4007                             7pcs
  • Transistor BC547                       7pcs
  • Rotary Switch                             1pc
  • Resistor 330 ohms                     7pcs
  • Slide switch                                 1pcs
  • Male header                               1pcs
  • Capacitor 2.2uf 250v                 1pcs
  • Capacitor 3.3uf 250v                 1pcs
  • Resistor 200k ohms 1/4w         2pcs
  • Resistor 2.2 ohms 1/4w            2pcs
  • Resistor 10k ohms                     8pcs
  • PCB                                              1pc



Note:- This is a DIY project and not a commercial product(It’s still shipped after completely testing from our end). Its main purpose is to educate people about how the Home Automation systems actually works. As the complete project comes open(without casing), one should handle with utmost care. Any mismatch in wiring may result in Short Circuit or Electric shock. techiesms and their employees are not responsible for any damage occurred to you and your property using this project by your carelessness. 

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