Universal IR Blaster


  • Works on 5v Supply
  • Can be powered using Type-C or Micro-USB Cable (Depending on the Variation Purchased)
  • Consist of 5 IR LEDs For best Communication.
  • Consists of IR Reciever For learning IR Remote Data.
  • Comes With Pre-Installed CADIO Firmware
  • Dimensions in mm(LBH) :-45x33x26

719.49 (Exc. GST)


About Universal IR Blaster 

A universal IR blaster is a device that enables users to control multiple electronic appliances that are equipped with infrared (IR) receivers. It acts as a bridge between the user and their various devices, allowing them to send commands remotely using a single control unit. The universal IR blaster typically comes in the form of a small, handheld device or a built-in feature in smartphones or smart home hubs. By programming the blaster with the appropriate IR codes, users can control a wide range of devices such as TVs, DVD players, air conditioners, and more. This convenient technology eliminates the need for multiple remote controls cluttering up the living space and provides a seamless and centralized control solution for various electronics.


USB Socket Option

With Micro-USB socket, With USB Type-C socket

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