Smallest Home Automation Project Using ESP-01 And Shift Register

In this project, we are going to make the smallest home automation project that is capable of controlling upto 4 AC appliances and also able to control speed to 1 AC Fan by just using ESP01 WiFi module. Yes all those appliances will be controlled using this single microcontroller which has only 4 GPIOs and all this made possible with the help of shift register that we have used in it.

Components Required:-

  • ESP-01 ESP8266
  • Hi Link HLK 5M05 5V/5W
  • Slide Switch
  • Tact Switch
  • Relay HF46F
  • 3.3uF 250v Polyester Capacitor
  • 2.2uF 250v Polyester Capacitor
  • 10A Wired Fuse
  • 220K Resistor 1/4w
  • 2.2E Resistor 1/2w
  • 10K Resistor SMD (1206)
  • 0.1 uF Capacitor SMD (1206)
  • 10 uF Capacitor SMD (1206)
  • AMS 1117 3.3v SMD
  • 1n4007 Diode (M7 Diode)
  • ULN2003 SMD IC
  • Shift Register 74HC595 SMD IC
  • Female Bugstrip
  • 2pin Screw Terminal
  • 3pin Screw Terminal


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Connection Diagram

This is the connection diagram to connect your kit.

Programming Connections

You Can Also Buy the above-shown Universal TTL Auto Programmer from here

Code used in this project

You can download the code used in this project and use it for your project purpose only.


Tutorial Video

If you want to understand this project in detail, kindly watch out our complete tutorial video on it