Home Automation using Mesh Networking | No Internet, No Router

Till now you have seen many different kind of Home automation using Smart phone, Blynk, Google Assistant, Alexa, Google Firebase or even local MQTT server based as well. But what if I tell you that there is one more method of controlling appliances which don’t require Internet or not even a router. Here I present you my Home Automation project made using Mesh Networking

Components Required

  • NodeMCU Board x 3
  • Relay Module x 2
  • DHT11 Sensor
  • MQ135 Sensor
  • OLED Display
  • Pushbutton x 2

(This is just a demo project for proof of concepts, you can use any other sensor or any other display for your projects)

Connection Diagram

  1. You have to connect NodeMCU board with OLED screen and 2 pushbuttons in this manner

2. You have to connect NodeMCU board with DHT11 Sensor and Relay Module in this manner

3. You have to connect NodeMCU board with MQ135 Sensor and Relay Module in this manner

Logic Used

For making this project I used Mesh Networking. In this one WiFi controller or a machine can talk directly to another machine nearby without having any router in between them.

Previously I made a video talking about what mesh networking is and why it is important in IoT products or IoT market overall. I also shown a small project using Generic ESP8266, NodeMCU and ESP32 board. So I’ll suggest people to watch out this video first before jumping into this project.

I have used the library called Painlessmesh which makes our task easy to use Mesh networking on ESP based boards. You can download that library by clicking here.


I have made a Demo project using 3 NodeMCU boards and the code for all the boards is uploaded on my GitHub Account. You can download the code for this by clicking here.

Tutorial Video

I have made a complete tutorial video explaining everything about the demo project. Watch it and do let me know your feedback regarding this.