Universal TTL-Programmer Version-2 With TYPE-C Socket

Note – We stopped selling the extension PCBs for ESP8266 and ESP32 modules. 

This single programmer will help you to program multiple microcontroller chips/boards. This board got dedicated slots for programming

  • ESP32 Cam Board
  • Arduino Pro mini Board
  • ESP-01 Board

Along with that, it also got a dedicated pinout of a regular TTL programmer using which you can program almost all the microcontroller chips. This simplifies the programming of the Microcontroller significantly since no manual reset and boot mode selection is needed when using with a common USB to a serial interface. It’s a must-have tool for all IOT and Electronics Engineers.




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Description Of Universal TTL-Programmer Version-2

Features of Universal TTL Auto Programmer V2 

  • Type C port for programming.
  • Dedicated port for programming ESP32 Cam board.
  • Extended ESP32 Cam pinouts for a testing project on board.
  • Dedicated port for programming Arduino Pro mini board.
  • Dedicated port for USB to TTL pins for programming other boards.
  • Program ESP8266 directly without wires (Extension PCB required)
  • Program ESP32 directly without wires (Extension PCB required)
  • Extended CH340C Pinouts for Debugging purposes and further use cases.
  • Supports 3.3V and 5V Logic.

Required Driver 

In case your computer doesn’t recognize the Programmer board, try to install the CH340C driver on your system which you can easily find on this page

Making of the Programmer

You can learn in detail about how this programmer works and how to make one by yourself by watching it’s complete tutorial video which is uploaded on our YouTube Channel

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Adapter PCBs

Universal TTL Programmer V2, Programmer With ESP8266 Adapter PCB, Programmer With ESP32 Adapter PCB, Programmer With Both Extension PCBs

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