Sensor based TIC-TAC-TOE game using Arduino

Tic-Tac-Toe, noughts and crosses, or Xs and Os/“X’y O’sies, However you call it, This game owns a special place in the heart of all. All of us have played this game with our friends, families, in schools, colleges and sometimes in the parties as well. But, But, But, Why am I telling this to you? Because I know you’re a technology geek and so are we here at Techiesms.

We at the Techiesms studio wanted to make something cool for our vacant wall and here is what we came up with. The Automated Tic-Tac-Toc Game which you can play with a punch. Yeah, Let us see the making.

Components Required :-

PCB Design & Schematic :

The schematic in which you need to connect the components is given below.

If you want download schematic as well as the PCB design for this project, you can head on to my easyeda account, https://easyeda.com/techiesms/tic-tac-toe

Making of the Project :

First of we got a custom made wooden box from the carpenter with slits and holes for LEDs, and sensors. We painted it with black spray and attached the sensors with the help of hot glue. After attaching the sensors we also affixed the LED strip into the box.

After attaching the components and making all the connections, we drilled out holes in the wall and fixed the project there.

Working of the Project :

The working of the project is pretty simple. The players just needs to punch their hands into the boxes to mark a O or X which is denoted by Red and Green LEDs. Red for the first player and Green for the second. The game continues like a normal Tic-Tac-Toe game and whenever a player wins, the winning sequence blinks for 5 times and the game resets. Same happens when there’s a tie.

Code :

Code of the whole project is uploaded in my GitHub account. You can get that by clicking HERE!

Tutorial Video :

I have made a video explaining each and every part of the project. You can watch the video for a greater understanding of the project.