Internet, Without Internet & Manual switches controlled Firebase Home Automation project

This article is about the project called All In One Home Automation project which is based on Firebase Realtime database for Over internet communication.

Components Required:-

Connection Diagram :-

You can even buy the whole project assembled from us. By doing so you not only save plenty of time and resources and get the project ready to be used but you’ll also be supporting us.

Wiring Diagram:-

This is the schematic in which you need to connect the project to your mains supply.

Be careful while working with mains voltage, do turn of the main switch.


Complete code of the project is uploaded in my GitHub account. You can get it by clicking here!

Android Application :-

Android Application and MIT app inventor file are uploaded in the drive, click this link to download them

Tutorial Video :-

In case you want to understand the project in much detailed manner, I’ll recommend you to go through this full tutorial video