A perfect Home Automation project for your Home/Office

We are presenting the All-in-one Home Automation Project using which, you will be able to control four AC appliances, along with speed of the fan using the capacitive dimming method with the help of Arduino IoT Cloud dashboard, Alexa Voice Assistant and Manual Switches as well. Everything will be working with internet and without internet with the help of manual switches and regulators. Phew! That sounds so freaking awesome. Well, don’t worry, I have tried to keep it as simple as possible so that it becomes easy for you to learn and make it by your self. Let us just dive in.

Components Required:-

Connection Diagram:-

This is the circuit diagram in which you need to connect all the components.

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Wiring Diagram:-

This is the schematic in which you need to connect the project to your mains supply.

Be careful while working with mains voltage, do turn of the main switch.


Complete code of the project is uploaded in my GitHub account. You can get it by clicking here!

Tutorial Video:-

As I mentioned earlier as well. I have made a complete video showing not only the working and connections in detail but also have explained the code in a well structured manner.

Do check out the video:-