Multi Factor Authentication for Door Lockers

Multi Factor Authentication for Door Lockers

Aim:  Secure the Homes by adding Multi-Factor Authentication(Face ID, Finger print ID,Password, OTP) to lock/unlock the door using HUSKY LENS.


  1.  Node MCU
  2.  Finger print sensor
  3.  HEX NUM key pad
  5.  OLED Display
  6.  Relay
  7.  DC 12V Door Lock Solenoid

Block Diagram:

Block diagram for multi factor authentication using husky lens

Working Process:

In this project, we use Node MCU as controller to enable internet connectivity. HUSKY LENS plays a major role in identifying the persons to lock/unlock the door. All the components are connected as shown in the block diagram.

I2C Communication is established between HUSKY LENS & Node MCU with a 9600 or 115200 baud rate. Door lock solenoid works on 12V DC power supply. Hence it is connected to Node MCU via Relay Module. HUSKY LENS sensor, Finger print sensor & HEX NUM key pad are placed in front side of door. At present, we describe the 3 factor authentication for door locks.

The 3 factors we use here are:

  1. Face ID
  2. Finger Print ID
  3. OTP(One Time Password)

The process continues in a step-by-step manner as stated below.

  •  If a person stands in front of HUSKY LENS sensor, it will capture the face and compare with the previously stored face ID’s.
  • The matched face ID is sent to the Node MCU via I2C communication established between them.
  • It will ask the person to verify his finger print ID by displaying on the OLED screen.
  • The person places his finger on the finger print sensor. Then the captured finger print ID is checked whether it is matched or not.
  • Then it sends OTP to the mobile number registered with the resective Face ID.
  • The person has to enter the OTP ( which is recevied to his/her mobile) in HEX NUM key pad.
  • The entered OTP is compared in the Node MCU.
  • If it is matched then Node MCU will trigger the RELAY Module connected to Door Lock Solenoid to Unlock the Door.

We can extend the project by adding logs via google sheets for each and every event occurred.

Don’t know about HuskyLens? Have a look.