Most easiest & simple way to program ESP8266 01 Module

This may not sound something new to most of my subscribers as I already have some videos related to this title.But let me say, this is not the same as already uploaded videos but a bit different. I’m making and uploading this article on public demand. I got message for making the tutorial video on this topic. So let’s get started with this and meanwhile if you want to learn anything related to iot or electronics or if you want to share your project, do whatsapp me on +91 82000 79034.

Components required
  1. ESP8266 01 wifi Module
  2. Arduino Board (You can use any of your Arduino board)
Circuit Diagram

Note:- Here you need to connect gpio 0 pin of esp8266 and reset pin of Arduino board to ground. Otherwise the code won’t upload on our esp8266

Why GPIO 0 pin and Reset pin should be connected to ground ?

The reason behind this is that, to make your esp listen to the incoming code the GPIO 0 pin must be connected to ground before powering it up. The chip checks the state of GPIO 0 pin as soon as it powers up, if it’s in low state as soon as it is powered then it goes into programming mode and if the pin is not connected or it’s in high state then it goes into normal mode in which it runs the already burned program in it.

Secondly the reason of connecting reset pin of Arduino board to ground is that, we are using Arduino board as a programmer. So we don’t want our Arduino board to get reset and hence we connect it with ground. If Arduino gets resets then the code which we are uploading tries to burn into the chip embedded in Arduino and this is not required as we are using our Arduino as a programmer to program esp8266.

I hope this makes you clear your doubts.

Tutorial video

I have also made a step by step tutorial video for this technique. Watch out the video and get to know the process in action.