IoT Energy Meter

You must have your traditional energy meters at home that generates bill every month, too boring. Now make your own smart energy meter that generates bill every minute which you can see on your smart phone or laptop

Components Required

  • CT Sensor
  • NodeMCU
  • 220V AC – 5V DC Power supply
  • On – Off Switch
  • Terminal Connector

Connection Diagram

Connections of all the components is something like this

Connection Diagram

PCB Design

For this project I designed my own PCB as to make this project permanent and more solid. I designed the PCB on EasyEDA.com and gave the order to JLCPCB.com

JLCPCB is the website from which I’m ordering the PCBs for my project since 1 year and I found it best because of it’s fast production, fast delivery and good quality.

If you want to order the exact same PCB which I’m using, you can download the Gerber file of the PCB from here and order it on JCLPCB.


In this project I have used CT sensor from DFRobot which can measure the AC current upto 20A.

I just clamped the CT sensor on one of the wire going inside my Main’s Board of the studio. And in the coding I’m just publishing the data to the Ubidots Server via Internet every minute . With this we can monitor live data of Energy being consumed by the appliances

And using the Synthetic Variable of Ubidots Server, I’m able to convert that current data into actual amount in Indian Rupees on the Ubidots Server only without modifying the code on my NodeMCU board.


I have written the code for this project in Arduino IDE. I have made the code to collect the data from sensor and push it to Ubidots MQTT server

You can download the code from here.

Tutorial Video

If this article didn’t help you with this project, I’ll suggest you to watch out the full tutorial video on this project