Getting Started with 64 x 32 LED Matrix Display | DFRobots

In this article, I’ll let you know how you can use 64×32 RGB LED matrix display using NodeMCU board. I have used two types of display here and both of them works with similar code and similar library.

First is Flexible display

Second is the regular one

Connection Diagram

Below is the connection diagram of the Display and NodeMCU Board. We have two IDC connector, one for Data IN and other for Data OUT.

Talking about the power supply, then I have provided 5V 1A power supply to this module which is pretty enough to run this with amazing brightness.

Library & Code

For running this matrix with NodeMCU board, we need to add one library called PxMatrix.h on our system which you can download it from here.

After successfully installing the library you can use my demo code in which you can display steady text, scrolling text and Image on that display.

You can download the code from here

Tutorial Video

If you still have a doubt on how to use this display or want to see it’s working practically, then watch out the full tutorial