Automation without sensor | ESP8266 Projects

Imagine when you enter the room and the lights get turned on!!! I know, it’s not a new thing now. But Imagine again, turning on the light when you enter the room without using any sensor. Yes without motion sensor, without IR sensor, without LASER light sensor,without door sensor or without any sensor available in the market. Now it’s a new thing right?

This is my new project of automating home appliances without any sensor. Earlier in my ultimate home automation project,I have used PIR motion sensor to detect if anyone enters inside your room, but using that project I found PIR sensor unreliable as sometimes even if we are inside the room, it gives a low signal to the controller and that turns off the appliance. So I want something in my room which can detect my presence and quickly turns on the light of the room and the light stays on until I leave the room. So for that, I have developed such a thing which can detect my presence without using any sensor. So that device uses ESP8266 wifi module in it. And let me share a secret, that device is not tracking me, rather it is constantly tracking my smart phone. Got any idea regarding how this project is working???

Let’s jump into the article.

Components required
Circuit Diagram
Process/Working of this project

First of all, here our ESP8266 wifi module is constantly scanning for the wifi networks available within it’s range. Here the hotspot of my smartphone is also turned on.

Now what happens, when I go near to a certain distance from my esp8266 wifi module, it automatically turns on the bulb attached to it.

And when I move away from a certain distance from esp8266, the bulb automatically turns off. So basically, in this project, rather then detecting humans, it is detecting the presence of  phone and accordingly switching the appliances.


Code for this project is uploaded on-to my GitHub account. To redirect to that code, click here.

Tutorial Video

If you still have any doubts regarding this project and want to know in more details about it, watch out my tutorial video.