Geo-location Using Only ESP8266 | Without GPS Module

Curious after reading the title?

Yes it’s possible to get location with just our tiny little ESP8266 board. We don’t need anything other then ESP board, not even GPS module to get our live coordinates. Yes, but we do require one screen to display the coordinates. So how this is possible?

This is possible with Google’s Geolocation API. I have made one video explaining about the science behind this concept. I have video in Hindi as well as English language. So I’ll suggest you to watch this video and learn the concept first and then move on to this project.

Components Required

For this project you’ll be required:

Hardware Connections
How does this works?

As you know Google takes the input of our nearby WiFi routers and in response gives us the coordinates. For that, Google provides API and in that API we need to provide some inputs like details of nearby WiFi routers, detail of nearby cell towers etc. Before using that API you need to get your API key working. To create your own Google geolocation API key, and to study about how Google’s geolocation API works, go to this page.

Read the documentation to know everything in detail, and after that click on Get API key button on the top right corner of the page and give a random name for your project just like I have given it as “ESP8266 project”.

After that you’ll be provided with a unique API Key for your project which will be useful whenever you want to get your location.

Now how to request this link and what parameters you need to enter: everything is written and well explained by google team. So you can directly visit this pageand read all the details there.

And if you want to jump straight into the project working, then watch this tutorial video.

The code for this project is uploaded on my GitHub Account so you can directly download it from there.