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If you are from India, you must have seen PayTM sound boxes that gives audio feedback regarding the amount received in the merchant’s account. We tried to make the exact replica of that project with some interesting features in it.

About PayTM Sound Box (Only for those who don’t live in India)

So here in India, people shifted towards digital payment and most of Indians uses the UPI payment method for doing online payments. So in UPI payment, the customer just need to scan the QR code attached the the merchant’s shop, enter the amount, enter the password and the payment is done. It’s really very convenient.

Photo of a shop with UPI QR code

Now PayTM is one of the Payment gateway, and they also accept the payment via UPI. So to help the merchants, PayTM came with an awesome idea of making Sound Box. Using those sound boxes the merchant instantly gets the audio feedback whenever the customer do the payment. That feedback makes sure that the amount is successfully credited in the merchant’s account. And with this the merchant no longer need to check their phone to cross check. That’s the PayTM Sound Box.

PayTM Sound Box

Our Story

When we saw this PayTM sound box for the very first time, we were quite fascinated by the piece of technology that this product uses and started doing research on it. Also while researching we found out that there are couple of frauds happening with this PayTM sound boxes. Hence we decided to make one totally by our selves.

With this, we not only be able to learn how to make it but also able to solve the frauds happening in the market. And also we will be teaching this complete project so that anyone reading this article can also make the similar project on their own. So let’s get started..

Components Required

Major Components

Ready to Make Kit

We are also selling all the components required for this project along with its 3D casing is both kit and ready to use format on our website. You’ll also get the code file along with the purchase of this kit.


You need to connect all the components as below mentioned schematic diagram to make this project work.


Working of the project

This project works on a simple logic of getting SMS notification from PayTM as soon as someone makes the payment of our QR code.

PayTM has a great feature of adding 5 secondary numbers for getting notification via SMS and we used this feature for our project. First of all we got a 2G SIM card (Airtel to be specific) and registered that number with our Paytm Business account as a secondary number. So till now, we where able to receive payment notification SMS on this secondary number as well.

Now in the code, we made a filter that it will only read the SMS sent through official PayTM. After that, In that SMS we where have quite a lot of text along with the actual Amount that we receive. So again we wrote some code to filter out the AMOUNT that we have received out of the whole SMS and store it in a separate variable.

SMS received from PayTM

After storing the amount in separate variable, we can pass that number to the MP3 player and amplifier module that will speak out the number stored in our variable. Easy Right?? Well, it’s seems easy but doing this task will take you more than 600 lines of code.

But Ya, that’s the logic on which our techiesms sound box project will work. I have tried to put It in a block diagram which is explained in detailed in the full tutorial video.

Complete Hardware Image

After getting all the components and soldering them on the PCB, the final hardware of the project looks like this,

3D Printed Casing

To make this project looks more or less like the actual PayTM Sound box, we got a 3D Design for casing of this project.

Which we later got it 3D printer in White

And in the end, after assembling all the components in the box, we also attached some stickers on it to make it look more attractive. And in the front, we attached the QR code for our account, which you can get it easily for your account on your paytm business website.

Tutorial Video

We made a detailed tutorial based on this project, which will guide you with all the steps required to make this project in detail along with showing the working of the project.