IOT Attendance System without Website

You must have seen this kind of project before but trust me this is the most easiest of all that you have seen already. This project don’t require any knowledge of Database,SQL,Website etc.

Components Required


Fingerprint Sensor with ESP32


This project uses IFTTT for storing Fingerprints data along with the respective name of the person which is mentioned in the code of this project, to Google sheet which will be created automatically inside your Google drive.

And you can monitor the realtime attendance on the go using your smartphone or laptop. With IFTTT, you don’t need to study about SQL and database or even you don’t need have your own website. This technique makes this project much easier to make and reliable as well.


I have published the code for this project on my GitHub account whose link is mentioned below.


Tutorial Video

If you want more details about this project then I have made a full tutorial video for this project