Control Appliances with Apple Home App, Siri and Manual Switches

This is for all the iOS users out their. Now you can control your home appliances using your iPhone, iPad, Siri and also with the help of manual switches along with it’s realtime feedback.

Components Required

  • Hardware part
    • ESP-32 development board
    • 5 volts Non-latching Relay
    • Hi-Link 5 volts Power Supply
    • 220V AC to 3.3V DC Power supply
    • Couple of resistors – 10kΩ & 330 Ω
    • Two pin terminal connectors
    • BC547 transistor 
    • 1N4007 diodes
    • Buzzer
    • Led’s and Push button 
  • Software part
    • Arduino IDE with ESP32 boards packages installed

Circuit Diagram

Circuit diagram

connections with appliances and switches

Code & Library

You can download the zip files of the libraries required for this project from below mentioned two links



You can Also download the code for controlling 4 appliances with 4 manual switches from here

Tutorial Video