Unlock your door using AirPods, Smart watch or Smart Keychain

So till now you have seen projects like, unlocking door using Fingerprint, RFID etc. But we have developed a new way in which you don’t need to do anything. Just walk near to the door and it will automatically get’s open up.

So let’s see how to make it.


The technology used beside unlock the door automatically is Beacon. It’s an amazing technology that going to be widely used in near future.

Here is one animated video which will clear you concept about what is Beacon.

Components Required

  • ESP32
  • HiLink 5V Power Supply
  • 12V Adapter
  • Solenoid Lock
  • BC547 Transistor
  • 1n4007 diode
  • 10k resistor
  • 330e resistor
  • LiPo battery
  • TP4056 battery charging module
  • 5V Relay
  • Push button
  • On-Off switch

Connection Diagram

There are two kind of circuits used in this project. One is for Smart Lock and other is for smart keychain


This project has two different codes to be uploaded on two different ESP32 boards.

Both the codes are uploaded on my Github Repository. You can download the code from here.

Tutorial Video

Here is the tutorial video uploaded on to my youtube Channel for better understanding of BLE beacon concept and Project making