RFID Door Lock System Using ESP-Rainmaker

We tried to make the most versatile RFID door lock system, in which we never need to worry about reprogramming it if we want to add or remove cards, or even if we lost the card we can still open the door using the rainmaker application. So program it once and use it for a lifetime.

2,202.54 (Exc. GST)


RFID Door Lock Project Includes 

Package Includes: RFID Reader Along With Its Connector and Soldered PCB

Connection Diagram 

In this project, we made the foolproof Automatic Door Lock System Using The ESP-Rainmaker, an Esp-32 Dev kit module, Electromagnetic Door Lock, and the Exit Switch This Door Lock System can be controlled using the ESP-Rainmaker Mobile application over the internet which totally free. In this Project we don’t need to reprogram it in case we lost the RFID Card, We can add or remove the RFID card just by tapping the Add Or Remove button Inside the App And can store the Data Of an RFID card Inside the EEPROM And also can access the Door Lock system manually even if it gets disconnected from the internet.We are selling this complete project, with all the components already soldered on the PCB along with ESP32 which comes preprogrammed

Weight 0.160 kg

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