16 Appliances Home Automation using ESP32 over Internet

Till now we have seen the automation related projects which allow us to control 4 or 8 appliances over internet. But this time, I took it to the next level. I tried controlling 16 appliances over internet using ESP32 and Ubidots. So let’s see, how to make it.

Components Required
  1. ESP32
  2. 5V 2A power adapter
  3. 5V Relay x 16
  4. 1n4007 x 16
  5. 330e Resistor x 16
  6. BC547 transistor x 16
  7. 2 pin screw terminal connector x 16
  8. Buzzer

You can buy all these components from my Amazon store front, https://www.amazon.in/shop/techiesms

Connection Diagram

In this I have shown the connection of only one relay.But similarly you can connect 16 relays
Working Principle

This project can be controlled using our smart phone or Laptop from anywhere in this world. This project uses MQTT protocol for data transfer. For this project, I have used Ubidots MQTT server as it gives access to make several variables for free. So I have created 16 variables on my Ubidots server. And I have programmed my ESP32 board as an MQTT client which will receive the data from MQTT broker and according to the data received, the relay will be switched and the respected appliances can be controlled easily.

As this is a cloud based MQTT server so we can easily control the Appliances from anywhere in this world. You can login to your Ubidots account from smartphone as well as Personal computer and can control/monitor the appliances on the go.


The code for this project is uploaded on my GitHub account. You can easily download and use this code for your projects. Click here to download the code.

PCB Design 

I have designed the PCB for this project on Easyeda.com. I’m making this PCB file public so that you can also download the same PCB file. You can view and download the PCB file from here.

Tutorial Video

If you want to learn this project in more detail, then I have made a full tutorial video for this project. Watch it and let me know your views in the comment section of this video.