Have you ever tried to use both Bluetooth and WiFi simultaneously on ESP32 ? Well, we did and failed drastically on the first try. Our team went through several forums but none of them had a solution. Doesn’t it irritates !!

A board that has both Bluetooth and WiFi in-built, but still can’t use them at the same time, really ?

The answer comes to be, No. You can indeed use both the communication protocols simultaneously. We at the Techiesms studios scratched our heads for so long and here we are with the solution.

Components required:

  • Hardware part
    • ESP-32 development board
    • 5 volts Non-latching Relay
    • Hi-Link 5 volts Power Supply
    • 220V AC to 3.3V DC Power supply
    • Couple of resistors – 10kΩ & 330 Ω
    • Two pin terminal connectors
    • BC547 transistor 
    • 1N4007 diodes
    • Buzzer
    • Led’s and Push button
  • Software part
    • Arduino IDE with ESP Boards
    • Blynk IoT Application (can be downloaded from Play-store)

Connection diagram :

You can download the Gerber files of PCB I have used from the link given below.

Working of the Project:-

This projects works with Bluetooth and WiFi simultaneously which means you can control your appliances with phone even without Internet. The Internet part of the project uses Blynk IoT platform which we have set up several times. For the non- internet i.e. Bluetooth part Techiesms team has designed an application containing eight buttons for switching four appliances on or off. Whenever a button is pressed the application sends a number between 1 and 8 depending upon the button. After receiving it the code switches the appliance accordingly and updates the Blynk application too.


Complete code of the project is uploaded in my GitHub account. You can get it by clicking here!

PCB Design:

I have designed a 2 layer PCB for this project and the good news is that you can also use the same design or modify it according to your project without any restrictions.

But never forget to give credits to original makers whenever you use any open source content like my code and PCB design.

Here is the link for the PCB design.

Tutorial video:

I have made a video explaining each and every detail of the project. In this video i have also explained why the project was not working before with ESP32 and how can you make it work.

Thanks a lot for reading.

Must share the article 🙂 Happy making.

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  1. Kavita jailia

    Wifi bluetooth home automation with esp32 where is its code link

    1. it is there in the article please check it out

  2. Parvez

    Techiesms Error found in your line make it correct At the Code part in the article you didn’t mention the link od code so make it Visible..

    1. Please check again. It’s there now

  3. Parvez

    Error On Code while I was compiling it’s shows your D0;D1;D2;D3 was not declared in this scope.. resolve it soon techiesms team support..

  4. Jignesh

    Hi Sachin,

    Thanks for the detailed explanation of the project and all the information you shared. While designing the PCB on EasyEDA as per my requirement, I got error for ESP32 and Hi-Link Power supply footprint source. Can you , please advise how to use it? and other components which are not in the standard library of Easy EDA.


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