Piezo Buzzer 27mm (Without Wire) – Pack of 5

  1. Sound pressure level: 85DB 10cm
  2. The input voltage: 30vp-p max
  3. Operating Temperature: -20~70
  4. Clear sound
  5. Ultra-thin and lightweight
  6. Low power consumption for voltage type

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A piezo electric transducer converts mechanical force into electrical output. This is made up of Quartz crystal which contains SiO2. Piezoelectric crystals are electrically neutral. The atoms inside the crystals are in an unsymmetrical manner but their electric charges balanced
When the force is applied to stretch or bend it, an electric voltage is generated. If there is no stress, no charges are induced. When there is stress, positive charges are induced on one side and negative charges are induced on the opposite side. Compression occurs in the crystal as the force is applied.


  1. Clear sound
  2. Ultra-thin and lightweight
  3. No contacts: therefore, no noise and highly reliable
  4. Low power consumption for voltage type
  5. Excellent accessory for acoustic instrument pickups, stompboxes, contact mics, etc.
  6. Piezoelectric buzzer film. Can be fitted to used acoustic guitars, CBGs, drums, etc.
  7. 27mm brass outer diameter plate and ceramic inner diameter plate.
  8. All the discs are made from selected copper, ensuring excellent conductivity and long-lasting use.


  1. Used in Medical Diagnostics
  2. Electric lighter
  3. Microphones.
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