Styleables: The Fully Customizable Future of Fashion

About the Product

Styleables is a small pendant like thing comes in square form factor which has an OLED display of resolution 320 x 320 px on which you can put your favorite image or pattern to match with your outfits

Image on the Styleables can be changed with the help of our smart phone via bluetooth and it’s battery lasts for upto 12 hours.

This product comes in two models and full specifications of this product are,

Opinion of techiesms


Ok kind of thing, impressive but least useful. It’s a jwellery that doesn’t even look like a jwellery. Full marks for the OLED display that shows crisp images.

If you are a tech savy personality and interested in buying some wearable stuffs, then give it a try. But I think, you’ll get bored after using it a day.