PIXO Pixel – An ESP32 Based IoT RGB Display for Make/100!

About this product

It’s a Make/100 product that means only 100 of this will be sold. So pixo pixel is a ESP32 based IoT LED Matrix Display which 16 x 16 = 256 individual addressable RGB LEDs on which we can make multiple things like an Alarm clock, Game etc and as it can be connected with internet we can display live time, temperature,, Currency rates and much more such stuffs. So possibilities are endless and product is limited.

This product comes with a display, controller board and one programming cable. Maker of this product has provided one sample code on his github account to run this board. But yes, for that you need to have knowledge about Arduino and ESP32.

The main focus point of this product is that it is completely open source, means you can get its circuit design and schematic on internet and you can make your own pixo pixel.

Board Layout


All information regarding this product is available on hackaday.

Opinions of techiesms

As a maker, I truly loved this board. I’m totally interested in buying this. But as a consumer, this product is difficult for your to use as you need to have knowledge of Programming Language and you should be familiar with Arduino IDE.

With 256 RGB leds, we can display various patterns or we can even present the output results of our project in an attractive manner. Making and playing games on this will be totally a fun thing. Looking forward to the response of people after using this.