On Mute – The First Microphone Muting Adapter

About this product

This product is basically an extension that fits into our 3.5mm audio jack(sorry for iphone 8 and above user) that has one push button and one slider switch on it. Sliding the switch can turn on and off our microphone signal and the same task is performed by the push button as well.

Whenever we are at outdoors talking on our phone, the noise of the surroundings irritates the listener on the other side. This problem can be partially solved with this device. Whenever we are just listening, we can turn off our mic and whenever we want to speak, we can turn on the mic. That’s it, this is all about this product.

We can even turn the mic of from this extension, whenever we don’t want the other person to listen what we our talking about. Earlier we need to take out our phone and then click on that mute button but with this we can easily do this on the go without touching our phone.

Opinions of techiesms

I don’t know why this kind of stuff is on kickstarters. This kind of earphones are already available in our local mobile stores at an amazing price of just 200 INR(around $4.5). Talking about it’s uses, then it is useful sometimes when we are travelling on road and need to talk, but now a days, we have such earphones which have great noise reduction hardware so the problem of noise is now negligible.

So my opinion is not to buy such thing rather buy a cool and high tech earphones which has amazing noise cancellation in it so that you need not to mute your mic every now and then.