Social stats tracker display for Twitter, Instagram, and Instructables using ESP8266

About this project

With this project you can monitor your live followers on social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter and instructables. This project uses NodeMCU board as a central controller which takes the stats from the internet and uses i2c based seven segment display modules to display the digits on it.

Link of the project :-https://goo.gl/3BSzwt

Picture of Assemble With Paper Template & Shadowbox
Circuit Assembly 
Picture of Assemble With Paper Template & Shadowbox
Opinion of techiesms

I love this kind of projects, and the way the maker presented this project is simply amazing. It’s neat and attractive too as the logo on of different companies onto the frame looks catchy.

Talking about the tech part, using i2c compatible display was a smart choice and yes if it’s IoT it will be definitely NodeMCU. May be more advanced board then NodeMCU is in the market but still nodemcu is the first and the ideal choice of almost all makers to make projects in IoT.

I’m thinking on to make a tutorial video in my style of this same project. But confused a bit as my subscribers need this? Just let me know in the comments below.