NEO-6M GPS Module with EPROM Best Qu

  1. 5Hz position update rate.
  2. The cold start time of 38 s and the Hot start time of 1 s.
  3. Configurable from 4800 Baud to 115200 Baud rates. (default 9600).
  4. SuperSense ® Indoor GPS: -162 dBm tracking sensitivity.
  6. Separated 18 x 18mm GPS antenna.

254.24 (Exc. GST)


Overview of NEO-6M GPS Module. The heart of the module is a NEO-6M GPS chip from U-blox. It can track up to 22 satellites on 50 channels and achieves the industry’s highest level of sensitivity i.e. -161 dB tracking while consuming only 45mA supply current

The NEO-6M GPS module is a well-performing complete GPS receiver with a built-in 25 x 25 x 4mm ceramic antenna, which provides a strong satellite search capability. With the power and signal indicators, you can monitor the status of the module. Thanks to the data backup battery, the module can save data when the main power is shut down accidentally. Its 3mm mounting holes can ensure easy assembly on your aircraft, which thus can fly steadily at a fixed position, return to Home automatically, automatic waypoint flying, etc. Or you can apply it on your smart robot car for automatic returning or heading to a certain destination, making it a real “smart” bot! Features/Specs: 1. The default baud rate: 9600 2. Mounting Hole 3mm 3. Module size 23mm x 30mm 4. Antenna size 12 x 12mm 5. Cable:20mm Note: Product Images are shown for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product  NEO-6M GPS Module with EPROM

This article demonstrates how to play with the u-blox NEO-6M global positioning system (GPS) module, a very popular, cost-effective, high-performance GPS module with a ceramic patch antenna, an on-board memory chip, and a backup battery that can be conveniently integrated with a broad range of microcontrollers. Nowadays, two NEO-6M GPS modules are extremely popular — the GY-GPS6MV2 and the GY-GPSV3-NEO

As indicated, the GPS modules are based on the u-blox NEO-6M GPS engine. The type number of the NEO-6M is NEO-6M-0-001, and its ROM/FLASH version is ROM 7.0.3 (PCN reference UBX-TN-11047-1). The NEO-6M module includes one configurable UART interface for serial communication, but the default UART (TTL) baud rate here is 9,600. Because the GPS signal is right-hand circular-polarized (RHCP), the style of the GPS antenna will be different from the common whip antennas used for linear polarized signals. The most popular antenna type is the patch antenna. Patch antennas are flat, generally have a ceramic and metal body, and are mounted on a metal base plate. They are often cast in housing. For more information about u-blox reference designs, see their website. Remember, the position of the antenna mounting is very crucial for optimal performance of the GPS receiver. When using the patch antenna, it should be oriented parallel to the geographic horizon. The antenna must have a full view of the sky, ensuring a direct line of sight with as many visible satellites as possible

If you are wandering to navigate the distance with a drone then this GPS Module is needed for you. GPS drones are equipped with a GPS module that allows them to know their location relative to a network of orbiting satellites. Connecting to signals from these satellites allows the drone to perform functions such as position hold, autonomous flight, return to home, and waypoint navigation.

This is a complete GPS module that is based on the NEO 6M GPS. This unit uses the latest technology to give the best possible positioning information and includes a larger built-in 25 x 25mm active GPS antenna with a UART TTL socket.

A battery is also included so that you can obtain a GPS lock faster. This is an updated GPS module that can be used with ardupilot mega v2. This GPS module gives the best possible position information, allowing for better performance with your Ardupilot or other Multirotor control platform.

The GPS module has serial TTL output, it has four pins: TX, RX, VCC, and GND. You can download the U-center software for configuring the GPS and changing the settings and much more. It is really good software (see link below).

NEO-6M GPS Module is not compatible with APM 2.8 Flight Controller
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Interfacing NEO-6M with Arduino:

Generic Interface2


Features of NEO-6M GPS Module:

  1. 5Hz position update rate
  2. Operating temperature range: -40 TO 85°CUART TTL socket
  3. EEPROM to save configuration settings
  4. Rechargeable battery for Backup
  5. The cold start time of 38 s and the Hot start time of 1 s
  6. Supply voltage: 3.3 V
  7. Configurable from 4800 Baud to 115200 Baud rates. (default 9600)
  8. Super Sense  Indoor GPS: -162 dBm tracking sensitivity
  10. Separated 18X18mm GPS antenna

Useful Links:

For Arduino code Click here
6 GPS Receiver and Protocol Description
Onboard M24C32-R (432RP marking) EEPROM datasheet
Onboard voltage regulator MIC5205 (marked KB33) datasheet
Arduino NEO-6M library
To connect the Neo GPS module with Raspberry Pi Click here

Packages Include:

1 x NEO-6M GPS Module with EPROM

Weight 0.018 kg
HSN Code


Model Ublox NEO-6M
Receiver Type 50 Channels
GPS L1 frequency, C/A Code
Input Supply Voltage (VDC) 2.7 ~ 6
Main Chip NEO-6
Sensitivity (dBm) -160
Cold Start (without aiding): -147 dBm
Tracking & Navigation: -161 dBm
Navigation Update Rate 5Hz
Position Accuracy (Meter) 2
Operating Temperature Range (°C) -24 to 84
Tracking Sensitivity (dBm) -161 dBm
Avg Cold Start Time (s) 27
Warm Start Time (s) 27
Maximum Speed 500 M/s
Dimensions (mm) LxWxH Antenna – 25 x 25 x 7
GPS Board – 22 x 30 x 4
Weight (gm) 12
Cable Length (cm) 10
Shipment Weight 0.016 kg
Shipment Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 cm

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