Connected Love Pendants using ESP8266

Two pendants that brings people more closer than before. They are internet connected pendants named as Love Pendants which can help you to share your feelings to your loved one on a whole new level. In this article, I’ll let you know how to make your own Love Pendants but before that, watch out our short story shot using this project,

About this project

In this project, we have 2 pendants which has inbuilt WiFi and they are connected to AdaFruit server via the internet

I personally made the pendants as “I Love You” pendants, you can engrave anything you want on it. So If I’m missing someone, instead of texting or calling her that I miss you, which is what every other person on the planet is doing, I can simply press the button on the pendant to make the LED Glow on my device. After a few seconds, another pendant which is used by the person I’ve gifted it to, will also start glowing. The other person could be anywhere in the whole-wide world, and this Device will help me convey my feelings to the other one

This is an innovative way for expressing your feelings to your loved ones. This can also be your Bat Signal to call your friends to come play!

The “Blue Tick” feature on the WhatsApp Messenger which acts as a read receipt for us. Our project has the same feature! As soon as the other person sees that the pendant is glowing, they will come to know that I’m conveying a message and as soon as they press the button, the LED will turn OFF on both the pendants to acknowledge that they’ve seen your message. This is how I can determine that our message is conveyed.

The whole process can be completed vice versa. The other person can repeat the process to convey whatever they want to say by doing the same.

Components Required
  1. ESP8266 01 module
  2. Lithium Battery
  3. HT7333 IC
  4. 10k Resistor
  5. 100E Resistor
  6. Pushbuttons
  7. LEDs
  8. TP4056 Battery Charging Module
Connection Diagram
Detailed Working Process of the project

Explaining the code for this project will be a bit complicated for me to explain and for you to understand as well. So I’ll explain you the working of the code here in detail which will explain the whole process going on in the background.

Initially both the pedants will try to connect to your hotspot or router so that they can get the internet connection. After getting internet connection, they will first connect to Adafruit MQTT broker. So for example, if anyone presses the button on first pendant, then the light on that pendant will turn On and it will send data 1 to brightness feed of Adafruit MQTT broker. Now the second pendant will also receive that same data from Adafruit MQTT broker and hence the light on second pendant will also get turned On.

Now the light on both the pendant will stay on until anyone presses the button on second pendant. Now, when any one presses the button on the second pendant, the light on that pendant will turn Off and the same data is transferred to Adafruit MQTT broker. And with this the first pendant will also receive that same data and the light on the first pendant will get turned Off.Now the whole process can be done from either lamps.

So the logic for this process is written in the code for this project.

Code for the project

I have made separate codes for both the pendants and you can download both the codes from here.

Tutorial Video

If you still have any doubt regarding making of this project then kindly watch out this full tutorial video on this project