Caply — Ultra Lasting Action Camera

About the Product

Caply tends to be the world’s most lasting wearable camera that can continuously record for more than 5 hours of videos.

Now no need of using your smart phone to record high definition videos, caply is here for you. We use our smart phone lot for recording videos on it and ultimately that drains out the battery. Now put aside your phone and go for the long lasting action camera.

It has outer color casing in various colors. Caply is always at the ready to capture extraordinary moments. Together with the Ultra Portable Size and Weight, Interchangeable Accessories, Caply is Versatile and On-The-Go for every part of your life-journey.

It can be triggered through our voice commands and also through tapping on the little touchpad available on Caply.

See functional demo in update 10 or scroll down

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Opinions of techiesms

Nice little compact product for shooting outdoors. It’s voice and touch control interface makes it more user friendly for everyone. It can be our companion of our trip to somewhere, but you’ll have one more thing to be charged.