Laser Engraved Led Card

I wanted to gift something that is made by me to someone special in my life and at that time the idea of LED card struck in my mind.

LED card is not just a card which can give as a gift but you can also use it as an extraordinary business card, an innovative ID card, ofcourse you can engrave on it anything and give it to your loved ones as gift and many more such things we can do with this LED card.

I have made a introductory video about this LED card in which I have made 3 different cards explaining 3 different purposes.

1. You can gift it to your loved ones.

2. If you are a YouTuber, then you can Giveaway such things to your subscribers.

3. You can make an attractive business card with this.

So these are few uses of this LED card. Have a look over the video and comment below your reviews or you can directly WhatsApp me your feedback @+91 82000 79034

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