Aim: To create a device which can harvest the fruits once it is ripe

Apparatus Required: Husky Lens, A robotic arm, A motor Driver, Arduino

Project Abstract:

The traditional challenges being faced for the present agricultural demand is the rise in population which is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050 and requires crop production to increase by 70%. While most of the land has already been used, higher yields from existing lands are required while not over-straining Earth’s resources.

In order to increase productivity and efficiency, so that to save time this project can help to achieve it.

Most of the fruits change colour once they are ripe, for example, bananas and mangoes. To harvest the crop once the colour of the fruit changes, Husky lens can be used to achieve the same.

The colour recognition feature of the husky lens when interfaced with Arduino and a robotic arm with it would solve the problem. If the mango turns yellow and the robotic arm can cut the fruit and collect in the basket.

This will increase harvesting efficiency of any farm.

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