Assistant for the blind


This device is designed to help a blind person in his daily work.

Description of the Project

The device will be divided mainly in two parts. The first part will be like small but slim box which will have to be hung from the blind’s shirt/t shirt pocket or just from the neck button using clip (similarly like a pen cap has). This part will have a lipo battery to power the device. As a blind person may have difficulties to put the charging cable in it , there will be option to charge it manually. Whenever the blind person will come by any known person the device will tell the name of the person with voice output to the blind using bone conduction technology and if the person encounters any obstacle in his way it will give low pitched beep sound using buzzer (if the person is deaf then vibration motor can be used instead of buzzer, frequent vibration at a certain body part may be uncomfortable). Not only these but there will be an ultrasonic sensor also in the device which will notify the person with a high pitch beep if the way in front of him is not constantly flat. It will be powered by using any wifi enabled micro-controller.

Working of 1st device

The first device is independent of the second device.

The second part of the device will on the door of his or her house. Whenever there will be a known person it will tell the box to tell the person the name who has come and if any unknown person comes it will tell him just that someone is at the door. This device will take records if anyone comes to his house when he is out and it will tell the person about that using WIFI communication with the first box like device. This part will be powered by any dc adapter of rated voltage.
I am not making the second part to open the door when the blind owner returns as it may be flawed sometimes.

Working of 2nd Device

The second device also can be used independently with some modification.

Major Components:-

For the first device-

  1. Any micro controller having Bluetooth ( Like ESP32)
  2. DF Robot Husky Lens
  3. Ultrasonic Sensor
  4. Lipo battery
  5. Lipo battery charging and protection module and wireless charge receiving coil.
  6. Buzzer ( Vibration Motor in special case)
  7. piezo electric plate for voice output (using bone conduction technology)
  8. Memory card module with memory card (to store the audio output clips)

For the second device-

  1. Any micro controller having Bluetooth ( Like ESP32)
  2. DF Robot Husky Lens
  3. DC power adapter

Thank you

For any more quires you may mail me at [email protected]

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