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3D Gesture Based Door lock system, AC Dimmer using Arduino, Automation Without Sensor, DIY Knocki, ESP8266 based dimmer, ESP8266 Programming Arduino Shield, Fingerprint & Hex keypad based door lock system, Google Assistant Controlled Scrolling Display, GPS Tracker using TTGO TCALL, I don't want any PCB, IoT Energy Meter in PCB, Love project, Monitoring upto 16 analog Sensors using NodeMCU (ESP8266 12e), Multiple Appliances, Multiple Sensors using NODEMCU, Portable Stock Price Monitoring Device using ESP32 & E-paper Display, Sinric & Manual Home Auotmation using ESP32, Smallest & Wireless Neopixel Driver using ESP8266 01 Module, Tic Tac Toe game using Arduino, Ultimate Home Automation using NodeMCU, WiFi & Bluetooth Home Automation using ESP32


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