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We all have heard about self parking cars, which senses the space between two cars and if the space is enough for our car to park, then with just single press of button the car automatically gets park into that location. Nothing new.


But Nissan, who already had this self parking technology in its car, have made one smart hotel in Japan, in which they have embedded this self parking technology into sleepers,tables,cushions. etc. Ofcourse this is just for the promotion of their technology, but still it looks very magical and futuristic. You can actually stay in that hotel whose name is, ProPILOT Park Ryokan, where ProPilot Park is the name of Nissan’s Self Parking technology. Isn’t it amazing?

Have a look over the video by Nissan…..

Opinions of techiesms

I’m always fond of innovative applications made using technologies, whether it’s useful or not I love it. And the same thing is done by Nissan which I totally admire. May be it’s for promotion, but what’s my vision in this is that, the new comers that may be engineers,artist or just hobbyist  they feels very excited about this amazing field of Electronics which can make such magical devices and that generates curiosity in them regarding how the stuff is working. Slowly they dive into this field and they too come up with more such magical applications sooner or later.


If I get a chance, once in a lifetime, I would love to stay one day in this hotel :-).

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