About this project

Marine Skin” is wearable prototype project was developed at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia and the scientists behind the tag expect to have it on as many as 200 different marine species by the summer of 2019. This tags are fitted on the outer body of marine animals to track the movement of creatures inside water. These sensors also gives the data of  seawater salinity, temperature, and depth. In the prototype, the battery lasted for five months without any optimization or changes made to data logging frequency.

One catch is that the current prototype needs a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone to transfer data, this is what the prototype was fitted to a shark in an aquarium in Spain. A second-generation sensor aims to transmit data wirelessly when the animal surfaces.

Opinion of techiesms

Good! I mean great. The idea of fitting the sensor over the body of animals is actually great beacuse of two reasons. First it, as it is not at all injected into any part of animals so their body won’t be affected and secondly, putting the sensor ideally over a single point inside the sea water won’t gives us detail of different regions inside sea.

Putting these sensors over the animals will provide us the data from overall region inside sea which can be useful for making any predictions of experiment inside sea in future.

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