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Vaunt, Smart Glasses from Intel actually looks like a normal Glasses that we used to wear in our normal life. It doesn’t look futuristic or techy kind of stuff which Google glass seems to look like. This is such a thing which doesn’t look odd if we wear in any situation or in any occasion.

But remember, it only looks normal but it is a next level product in our smart devices family. Vaunt has a tiny little projector which uses a really low powered laser projector called VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) which the makers says is safe for our eyes. That projector Projects the notifications,map directions etc on to one holographic surface which only the first person who is wearing the glasses can see.

This projection won’t be distracting our normal focus so it’s easy to have a look over notifications while driving also. Sounds good.

Have a look over a video from The Verge who had a hands on experience with this prototype

Opinions of techiesms

Much better then Google glass. No touch pad at all, no camera, no prism like structure, no odd thing at all. Just a simple Spectacle like looking glasses. That’s really a great thing to see merging technology within regular glasses.

The laser projector used is quite small. Person on the other side can see small red dots on the glasses, as you can observe in the thumbnail of the video. With this the person comes to know that he/she is ignoring them by reading out the notifications while talking. So be aware.

Hope to see this things comes into our lives by making some cool stuff using this smart glasses.

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