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Snap released the next generation of Spectacles, its wearable camera, with new features for taking photos and water resistance. The sunglasses, which have the same striking form as the first-generation model, have been slimmed down and now come in three jewel tones: onyx (black), ruby (red), and sapphire (blue). They’re available to order starting today at Spectacles.com for $150 — $20 more than the previous model.

If you’ve followed the story of Spectacles so far, you know that the first version proved to be a costly misstep for Snap Inc. Although reviewers were generally impressed with their whimsical design, Snap made far more units than the 150,000 or so that it ultimately sold. The company wrote down nearly $40 million in merchandise, and laid off about a dozen people.

Even worse, from the company’s perspective, is that people who bought Spectacles didn’t use them for very long. According to Business Insider, less than half of users continued to use Spectacles a month after buying them. They were presented as the future of communication, but the first iteration of Spectacles felt more like a toy — a relatively cheap novelty that people used a handful of times before stuffing into a drawer.

How do they work?

With a single button on the glasses frame. Press it once to snap a 10-second video, or take a 30-second clip if you press it again. To take a still photo, just press and hold. When the glasses are recording, LEDs around the camera light up.

The glasses can store up to 150 videos or 3,000 photos at a time. Once you’ve recorded footage, Spectacles pair with your phone via Bluetooth, then use Wi-Fi to transfer HD clips to Snapchat. Spectacles come with a carrying case that also doubles as a charger. You’ll get around 70 videos from a single charge.

Snap improved the transfer speed between Spectacles and your phone. If you owned the first-generation Spectacles, you likely remember this as the worst part of using them. Transferring videos off your device means opening Memories, tapping “import,” accepting a dialog box that switches your phone to the Spectacles Wi-Fi network, and then waiting for several minutes while they download.

The good news is the download speeds are now three to four times faster, Snap says. The bad news is that the rest of the process, down to the awkward connection to a Spectacles Wi-Fi network, remains the same. In a world where your camera roll uploads automatically to iCloud or Google Photos, Spectacles’ approach still feels annoyingly clumsy. I realize that current technology struggles to support a $150 pair of glasses uploading hundreds of megabytes of data to the cloud for free.

Opinions of techiesms :

This is the second version which has definitely improved a lot with respect to various aspects. The thing that catches my attention is the clarity of the camera and the speed of file transfer also not to forget about the water resistance feature. Ignoring the cost factor, it provides good features and also the specs seems to be very comfortable which i think makes it pretty cool.

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