Are you also a bike lover like me and have a bike as a precious gift for you? Then the gadget that we are going to talk about today is absolutely going to help you a lot.

About the product

SmartHalo is a device that is designed by cyclists, for cyclists, it is speed that can breathe life into your cycle. It provides several different features that will definitely help a cyclist a lot. It can help you discover new routes with clear navigation signals. It can protect your bike with an ear-piercing anti-theft alarm. It can light your way with a completely redesigned, all-powerful front light. It can also track and display your cycling metrics without having to push a single button. The new SmartHalo 2 has a all new PeekDisplay and touch gesture controls through which you can easily interact with it.

Source :- SmartHolo2 KIckStarter page

The company says that we want riders to be focused on their cycling and adventure instead of looking to the tech and that is why they designed SmartHalo 2 as one of the most simple and minimal bike computer ever. There’s not even a on off button in the SmartHalo 2 it wakes up as soon as you step into your bike and goes back to sleep when you leave the bike

.The RGB LEDs on the sides that the companies called as Halos are specially designed for giving you the updates without giving much stress to your brain the LEDs can show where and when you have to take a turn and can also function as a compass to show you directions not only that but it can also notify you when anyone calls on your phone.

Source :- SmartHalo2 KickStarter page

You can read more about SmartHalo 2 HERE!

Sorce :- SmartHalo2 KisckStarter page

Opinions of the Author

According to me it’s an awesome device if you really ride bicycle frequently and love to explore and adventure. It’s mind boggling to see the efforts that the manufacturers have put to embed these many awesome features into a small package like this.

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