About this project

In this project, the maker converted a small normal receipt printer into smart iot printer which has raspberry pi zero builtin and through which, we can print our shopping list by giving commands to Alexa. The maker also demonstrated this project by printing tweets from twitter.


Here is the teaser video of the project. Tutorial of this project will be coming soon on his channel.

Opinions of techiesms

I liked the idea of turning a normal printer to a smart printer and I really liked it’s application of printing our shopping list. Means How amazing it is to just say “Alexa, what’s on my shopping list?” and on the printer we get a small receipt which contains all our items to buy. I really loved this project. Simple, innovative and useful at the same time.

They built it using raspberry pi zero, but I think, this can also be possible with other iot boards like ESP32, ESP12e etc.


Let’s wait for the tutorial video and then I’ll try to make a replica of this using esp12e is possible.

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