Hey, Are you an programming and electronics enthusiast and care about you fitness activities on top of that too? There are a lots of awesome fitness bands and trackers available in the market for that purpose but what about fulfilling the enthusiasm of the programmer inside you? Today, we got a product for both the above purposes.

About the Product

The product that we are going to talk about today is known as OpenHAK which stands for OpenSource Health Activity Kit. It can serve as your fitness tracker by tracking your steps, your heart rate and the body temperature out of the box.It offers not only that but many more customisation too. As this product is open-source anyone from any corner of the world can modify or use it’s hardware or even software to create better and more equipped versions of their own. It comes with a free app which connects to it via Bluetooth and records as well as displays all the data you need from it. The developers say, “You can share, graph, combine, delete, process, visualize, merge, bin, count, aggregate, average your data” and actually the possibilities are even more. It has got a space for fitting watch bands right on the PCB itself that means you can fit any 18 mm watch band to it.

Talking about the technical specifications : it includes an Bosh BMI160 for step counting and a Maxim MAX30101 for heart rate measurement. They also include that out of the box, the OpenHAK works, and connects to your phone/tablet. Once connected, the OpenHAK will go through a cycle of deep sleep for 10 minutes, then waking up for 30 seconds to take your pulse and send all of its new data to your phone/tablet. This includes a time stamp, steps, heart rate, and battery level. There’s room for three more data points that are not used which you can use for all kinds of stuff. Other sensor readings from something you’ve hacked into the OpenHAK, for example. Their current prototype send the temperature taken from the MAX sensor, which is right on your wrist. They have also provided some GPIOs and power pins that you can use for connecting external components of your own.

For more information you may check out their fundraiser campaign on kickstarter HERE!

Opinions of Author

From my side, it’s really an mind boggling product. As I love wearing fitness bands and currently using Mi Band 3 as my daily driver for the purpose. I tried doing some types of customization to it but there’s not much room to play with the max you could do is changing the firmware for applying different themes. i also tried to do kinda Bluetooth automation with it but failed most of the time. So considering the point of customizability it’ll really take the win but it is very much crude to beat other bands though.

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