We all are living in a modern world and in this modern era travelling has became a pivotal part of our life. Not only travelling in our own country but many abroad countries too and while doing that, one of the major problem that individuals face is obviously of proper communication. It is damn sure that almost every country has its own type of language or dialect that every traveler can’t actually understand. So today the device we are going to talk about is going to help us with these problems only.


ONE Mini is a product that helps in communication and in addition to that also serves as an recording and playback device. It is focused on mainly travelers but can also become a great piece of tech in international meetings where all the people present are not multi-linguistic. It combines AI translation technology and its live interpreter service into a very handy, easy -to-use as well as an cheap and minimal product.

It provides numbers of features like:-

  • Voice recording
  • Multilingual speech-to-text option
  • AI translation
  • Live interpreter
  • Image translation
  • Music audio receiving and playback
  • Has Bluetooth 5.0 inside
  • Can translate up to 12 languages
  • Covers 90% country’s languages

and many many more cool features too.

The company offers a LIVE INTERPRETER service that offers you with a cognizant of both the language you wanna translate within 30 seconds and he/she can translate your sentences. Though interpreters are only needed in meetings but there’s a feature of AI translation too which you can use whenever you want with just the click of a button and the device becomes ready to translate what it hears. ONE Mini team says that the device is accurate up to 97% of the times and doesn’t gets any difficulty translating the two way conversation in all the available 12 languages.

Here is the technical specs picture that the company offers :-

And here is the list of languages it supports :-

For getting a bit more familiar about this product, must visit there kisckstarter page from HERE!



It’s a great product that offers so many creative features and with use of AI, it also pretenses that it can translate all the languages fluently. Considering these I would say it’s a good product for those who really love to travel and not only love but also travels abroad else no one buys such product just for listening to music playbacks. 😉



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