Hey, I hope you and your family are safe and healthy during these tough times. When all of are us just locked in our homes due to the on going covid-19 pandemic. Here is an latest device which will blow your mind with its functionalities. Interesting Fact :- It got funded <2000% in KickStarter and the deadline hasn’t approached yet, KUDOS.

About the Product

Mendi is a brain training device. Developers of mendi says that “Today we are more exposed to information weekly, then our ancestors were in their entire life” which does makes sense and is true. Access to internet has developed a plethora of knowledge for anyone sitting in any corner. BUT, as everything has their darker side. This plethora of knowledge that we are exposed to, is in one way or another affecting our mental health. That’s what Mendi is targeting to replenish. Let us see how…

Source :- Mendi KickStarter Page

Mendi is designed to enable its users to achieve Mental Well-Being, Better performance and overall health. It is developed in one of the leading european clinics. It claims to train and brain directly instead of of training your mind which then enhances your brain as meditation and all does. Moreover, it is the first clinic grade brain training system that you can use right from the comfort of your home. With Mendi, you can strengthen your brain in a fun and easy way. Simply control a training game with your brain.

Your brain learns from feedback. Through live visual feedback of what your brain is doing, you are able to train it to function better – the method is called neurofeedback. Mendi’s headset measures your brain activity through a unique combination of features, including blood flow and oxygenation in the Prefrontal Cortex (PFC).

Source :- Mendi KickStarter Page

Your combined brain activity is then visualized in a training game –  a game you control using only your brain. Just relax and focus, and you will easily control the game.

The PFC is the control center of your brain. Increasing blood flow, nutrients and oxygenation to this area strengthens it over time—which is what you learn to do with Mendi! 

If you want to know more about Mendi. You can visit their KickStarter page.

Opinions of Author

As we all already know, their are several mental exercises and also meditation which improve your brain health by soothing your mind. But unlike those what mendi does is directly train your brain through these simple games. I love this concept of Mendi. According to me, this product is “lit”.

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