Due to the pandemic we all were stuck into our home and now that the markets are opening, we all know how important masks are? Like seriously, just a piece of cloth in front of your mouth may stop the Covid-19 transmission by 75%. Several folks are coming up with many cool mask designs for catching interest of people. But as an electronic enthusiast, here’s the one I liked the most.

About the Product

So, a person named Tyler Glaiel who has developed several cool games in the past got an idea to create a mask that laughs. he never had thought to convert it into an actual product but because of the attention he drew he was convinced to do so.

Jabber is an voice controlled face mask that you can make smile on demand.

Image Source :- Jabber’s Kickstarter page

Above image shows the cool numerous animations it can make. It also can combine some of those for making a talking or laughing effect.

Image Source :- Jabber’s Kickstarter page

Jabber has plenty of features for cutting on any demerits you can possibly think of. Some of them includes:-

  • You can choose between 6 x 8 or 8 x 8 LED grids.
  • Features a voice-activated mic, for live animations.
  • Has a on/off switch for the LED grids
  • The included battery is rechargeable.
  • Features sleep mode for saving battery
  • It is a cotton mask, so can be washed easily
  • Supports remote control through phone or included controller.

For more details about the product, you can visit the kick-starter page of Jabber from HERE!

The promo video of Jabber mask is also linked below.

Opinions of Author

It is a well made product. The way everything is thought, designed, paced and overall put together is really appreciable. I also appreciate the fact that it is made from cotton and can be washed.

Thanks for reading the Article.
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