Do you remember the hype that was spreading among everyone when the first mp3 player had came to the market? It was called as Walkman also. Right. iBoy is a device created for bringing back that nostalgia for everyone.

About the Product

iBoy looks exactly the same as that retro mp3 player from the 2000s but the cache is, it does not consist of any electronic parts inside it. Then what’s the use, you may ask. Actually, iBoy is just created to make people nostalgic about those times. It consist if removable and movable magnetic parts that allows it to take many unique stylings.

Some of its stylings that are showcased in the website are :-

Image source :- iBoy Kickstarter page.

One more styling that may be perfect for most of us are. It can also detach as a earphone and be shaped exactly like a mp3 player. It not only looks attractive and eye-catchy but may also serve as a retro decor for your room or offices.

Image source :- iBoy Kickstarter page.

It come with several clicky buttons that make some phenomenal clicking sound and a spinning disk both of which make it a perfect fidget toy to kill your boredom.

Image source :- iBoy Kickstarter page.

Do you know one more interesting fact about iBoy? It got funded 100% in kickstarter only within a course of 5 hours. Isn’t that blowing your mind off.

You can visit there KickStarter page from HERE!

Opinions of Author

According to me iBoy is really a mesmerizing product. its enough to give you the nostalgic feeling of 90s and 2000s. One more thing that is attractive about it is attention to detail. Every single detail is taken care of \in this device. But, i seriously think that they should have included a basic functionality of playing music too. this would have added four moons to its beauty. But, nevertheless it still mesmerizes me.

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