We all are quite familiar with UV lights. It is used in various types of easy as well as complex tasks. UV glues are there that hardens when UV light falls on it, various human body check-up involves the use of UV lights. But the use that attracts the most crowd is using UV light key chains. Yes, I am talking about those small and dim UV key chains.   We all know those big UV torches that emit a decent amount of light but in the same time becomes very harder to carry around and we are also aware of those tiny UV lights that are small and hence easier to carry around but emits an enormously low amount of light.

About the product

Talking about the HUNT22, we can say that it is the mixture of both those versions. It is very small and light weight and at the same time it is the brightest UV light in this small size.

Not only it is light weight and small but also the most durable key chain ever, it is made out of high quality titanium and tests have proven that it is Virtually indestructable, the company is so confident about this product that they say that This is your lifetime buddy once bought!  Company declares that it is water-proof , ice-proof and fire-proof too. This finger-sized UV light source is well-designed to be used or attached to almost anything, whether it’s a key, zipper, belt or any other thing.

Picture credit :- HUNT22 kickstarter page

With this tiny gadget in hand you can see the world in a whole lot different way, it can be used as a detective device to detect finger smudges, it can be used to light up objects in a very dramatic manner for different kind of photo-shoots, It can be used to see parts of different creatures that you can’t actually see with naked eyes, and if you are a traveler then you can redeem some secret codes in different country currencies or cards.

The company defines the technical specifications as follows :-

Picture credit :- HUNT22 kickstarter page
  • UV LED life :-   100,000 Hours
  • UV Power Output :-   1~3 watt
  • Wavelength :-   385 ~ 395 nm
  • Waterproof :-    Yes (IP x 6)
  • Weight :-   0.21 oz (4.95 g)
  • Dimension :-   1.1 x 2.6 cm

Here is the video by the makers of Hunt22. Have a look

This was all about this amazing, tiny as well as powerful product called HUNT22. And now it is time for,

Opinions of The Author

Talking about me, I am kind of a photoholic type of person, I always try to create different type of composition with different light techniques. When I was first going out through the description of this product, I was only planning out for some photos. But after that I came to realize that it isn’t only a product to be limited on capturing photos. With this little gadget we can explore different organisms in a very different way, as body of different organisms act differently under UV light. I know there are many more uses but yeah, for me these two were the most attractive ones 🙂

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