About this product :

A Japanese start-up is making a hover backpack to augment one’s jumping ability. It’s being developed by students at the University of Tokyo.

The backpack has a series of rotors that provide enough downward thrust to help the wearer jump higher and longer than humanly possible, giving the user a moon-walk type experience.

The Lunavity team says the device could be used to replace wheelchairs, jump across streets and more realistically, just for fun to improve your slam dunks.

Lunavity is a system designed to augment the human capability of jumping. An attachable multi-rotor elevates the user during the movement, enabling them to leap higher and further. In the future, where drones are widely used for delivery and/or transportation, it can be applied to augment our mobility temporarily.

Opinions of techiesms :

A jet-pack like personal drone. Honestly jumping around with that would be so much fun, but it’d have to be a lot more compact to be practical. I don’t think it can be used generally but it may help in occasional transportation and can be an alternative for wheelchair.

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