Have you ever faced the weird and frustrating situation when you just forget to take your phone with yourself and leave from home and on the half way around you remember “Oh shit! Forgot my phone:(“. If yes, then you know how stymied it feels. No idea about you but I have seen my relatives going through this situation many times. This is the situation for which gigi is designed.

About the product

gigi is product which reminds you to take your phone as soon as you turn on your car. This is seriously the most easy to setup and easy to use gadget I have ever come across. You just have to put it in the 12v output socket of your car and wallah it’s ready for use. As soon as you turn on your car and gigi gets powered it speaks “Hey, Got Your Phone? in its soothing and pleasant voice through the speakers present inside it.

Source :- gigi kickstarter page.

Gigi is soooooo easy to use :-

  • No bluetooth so no caring of pairing and all
  • No wires to plug or connect
  • No app to download
  • Not much power uses
  • Plug n Play

gigi can be a really helpful device for you forgetful friend, relatives or even yourself. You can check the KickStarter page of gigi here! and the official video HERE!

Opinions of Author

For me it is really an blessed device as I have been through many situations where my parents or any relative forgets their phone on the home and remembers the same when we would have almost left the home far away and most of the time we’ll have to return for that phone. Its really worth purchasing.


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