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We all know about VR boxes. We all love to play games in them. Those flawless hand movements to control your avatar in the game. Ah! It’s mesmerizing. Meanwhile, we all at one point or another have felt the distress of remembering and pressing the right button. Just a wrong button press and damn!

Okay, I hate that too. etee is a product that solves all that hustle and gives you a unceasing gameplay experience.

About the Product

etee is a product designed to give you a button free experience during your VR session. It allows anyone to dive into VR without thinking. Just slip etee on, and enjoy smooth control from every finger. Direct the play via the touch, proximity, pressure and gesture of your fingers. No buttons. No hold-ups. Just fantastic, intuitive, play.

Source :- etee KickStarter page

Developers claim that they do this all via finger-sensing technology. They have patented this technology that allows gamers and enterprise users to control any electronic interaction via the power of touch. etee harnesses this technology for a more natural way to play. Instead of heavy controllers with buttons sticking out, you get a perfectly-formed control surface that reacts to every brush, curl and touch of your fingers – and best of all that sensitivity can be adjusted to your individual needs.

Source :- etee KickStarter page

You don’t need buttons! With etee you can shoot / pass / throw as you would in real life. etee’s unique, patented finger sensing technology identifies even the slightest of movements from your fingers. You control the play via the touch, gesture, proximity and pressure of each of your digits, and a thumb trackpad does the rest. VR experiences feel more human. You only concentrate on the in-game experience. You can even forget you’re wearing etee.

etee provides countless number of gestures and on top of that they are all in one way or other already being used in your daily life. So there is no need to remember any of them. Just do the task as yo naturally would, and etee will not fail in turning that into an VR experience.

If you want to know more about etee. You may visit their kickstarter page from HERE!

Opinions of Author

I will have to say the concept, design, working, technology of etee is unblemished. It can not only change the way of playing games for a gamer but may be used in several other genres too. Just think of designing your 3d models using etee. just pick the color and blocks and perform every task with gestures within a VR experience. Oh man! Am in love with the idea. It is unquestionably a revolutionary tech gadget.

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