About this product :

Advancing through technology various kinds of drones have developed across the years and now a Latvian company called Aerones created the machine, which – according to the company – can fly up to 984 feet, compared to 100-foot-height that firefighter ladders can reach. The drone is fitted with a water hose from a fire truck, and is controlled by a pilot on the ground remotely.

However, the drone does suffer from low battery life, providing only 30 minutes flight time from a 90-minute charge. It’s still in development, but Aerones hopes to use the machine for real-life operations soon as it maybe not efficient now but surely has a lot to contribute in future.

Opinions of techiesms :

  I think it’s a cool piece of tech considering other types of drones, it is quite impressive though price has not been revealed yet. Obviously not efficient enough with only half n hour flight period but it could be improved more further on. I think even with current efficiency it could provide a good hand to Fire-Fighters.

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